Are you an energetic, progressive leader?
Interested in empowering, training &
increasing communication among progressive Latino community organizers?
If yes, WE NEED YOU!!

The New Latino Movement is focused on strengthening, empowering and connecting progressive Latino community organizers. Still energized from the 2008 election cycle, we came together following the election to do our part in helping maintain and fuel the incredible excitement and civic involvement demonstrated by the Latino community.

Over the past year we've held a series of community organizing trainings, civic engagement sessions, networking events and activities in response to current events/calls to action (like the Senate vote for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's United We Serve initiative and the devastating earthquake in Haiti). Key 2010 priorities that we want to focus on for the sake of the Latino community include the Census, immigration and civic participation in the 2010 elections. In order to mobilize and engage our community around these and other issues, we want NLM friends on the ground to get involved!

With a network of over 1,000 people in 32 states, we're taking our organization to the next level by encouraging driven and passionate people to join our leadership team for this coming year by:
(a) creating a regional New Latino Movement chapter in your hometown/college or
(b) serving on one of our national committees.  

* As a member of a regional leadership team, you and your fellow regional leaders will work together to plan events and activities in your region or at your college in partnership with the NLM National Board.  

* As a member of one of our national committees, you would work with a NLM National Board member and fellow committee members to develop and support strategies and activities for national and region-based activities.

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As we work to strengthen our NLM network, we have a goal of trying to establish chapters in at least ten states. NLM friends across the U.S. are all encouraged to apply, but we would especially encourage the participation of those from: CA, CO, FL, IL, NM, NV, NJ, NY, OH, TX & VA.  

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If you would like to apply for a leadership role, please
(1) Complete the application form here AND
(2) Email your resume to

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH BY 5 P.M. EST. The NLM National Board will review applications and announce the selected leaders by Sunday, February 28th. 

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We'd like to invite those who are applying, or thinking of applying, to join us in a national conference call where we'll share some of the history and the future vision of the New Latino Movement.

Before midnight on Sunday, February 7th, go to or complete the survey below and tell us when you're free. We'll schedule a conference call at a time that works best for the group and announce the call time on this web page and through our various communications tools on Monday, February 8th.
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Our New Latino Movement group has a National Board (see the orange column) that looks for opportunities to create national events/partnerships around issues of interest to Latinos. In 2010, our key priorities are to mobilize the community for the Census, immigration issues, and elections.

National Committees (see the purple column) work with the National Board and the Regional Chapters in their issue area. For example, the Training Committee may share advice on great trainers/workshops that would be good to provide the national NLM network (like webinars, youtube videos, etc.) and look our for great trainers that can support our Regional Chapters' efforts.

Regional Chapters help carry out national NLM efforts at the local level (like work around the Census, immigration & elections) while also informing the National Board of local issues that should be highlighted nationally. For example, if there is a hate crime, if there are important events, or if there are interesting news articles in their communities, the regional chapters share that info so it can be amplified to our national NLM network. Chapters help cultivate a regional NLM network through trainings, networking events, volunteer opportunities and online organizing efforts that support both national NLM efforts and local issues.


Regional leadership teams should ideally be comprised of no fewer than three, but ideally at least five people, committed to organizing NLM activities in their region for at least one year. Though leadership teams are encouraged to work collaboratively in accomplishing their goals, each leadership team member should be responsible for one of the following roles in order to ensure that the activities within that role are accomplished. Key regional chapter positions will include: Chapter Director, Chapter Communications Director, Chapter Outreach &; Development Director, Chapter Training Director, and Chapter Policy/Education Director.
If there are fewer than five members of the regional team, leaders may combine the duties of two roles to make sure that there is a point person responsible for each core activity.

(1) CHAPTER DIRECTOR The most important tasks of the Chapter Director will be to:
  • Work in partnership with a leadership team that will consist of a Chapter Communications Director, a Chapter Outreach &; Development Director, Chapter Training Director, and a Chapter Policy Education Director.
  • Serve as an administrative co-chair for her/his chapter and as a liaison to the coordinating committee. S/he will call leadership team meetings as well as membership meetings and report back to the coordinating committee and ask for resources and support as needed.
  • Work directly with the NLM's Board Members and attend any national or regional organizational meetings and training and conference calls or webinars.
  • Serve as the NLM’s contact for all organizations within the chapter’s region.
  • Serve as the main contact with elected officials and staff as well as allied organizations and will be responsible for cultivating ongoing relationships and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Guide the regional leadership team in:
    • Annually submitting the NLM Chapter Registration materials for approval by the National Board.
    • Creating a steering committee (in consultation with the National Board) comprised of Latino community leaders, educators, business and labor leaders, non-profit leaders, and elected leaders or key staff from their region that will guide the organization as well as help raise funds for the chapter.
    • Considering and moving forward activities recommended by the National Committee and the local membership.
    • Identifying the chapter’s geographic parameters.
    • Mapping the region’s current political advocacy/non-profit landscape.
    • Setting goals for the coming year and working to ensure those goals are met.
(2) CHAPTER COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR In partnership with the National Communications Director and National New Media Director, the Chapter Communications Director is responsible for:
  • Creating a media plan for the local chapter using traditional press strategies including earned and paid media.
  • Drafting and vetting with the National Communications Director media advisories for any actions, issue advocacy, training or networking events the organization plans.
  • Using NLM's new media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, list-servs, blogs and other forms of interactive media.
  • Ensuring regional communications strategies are implemented in accordance with NLM policies.
(3) CHAPTER OUTREACH & DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR In collaboration with the National Outreach & Development Directors, the Chapter Outreach & Development Director shall:
  • Identify potential partnerships with local government, nonprofit, political, and private sector leaders/organizations to advance the NLM's mission.
  • Design and help implement meaningful networking, community service, and career opportunities for the local membership. This will require surveying the membership in an effective manner and diagnosing their career development/networking needs.
  • Create and implement a chapter fundraising plan—ensuring the implementation of local fundraisers and exploring additional opportunities for sponsors and donations.
(4) CHAPTER TRAINING DIRECTOR In collaboration with the National Training Director, the Chapter Training Director will:
  • Identify appropriate trainers to lead chapter trainings, workshop and meetings.
  • Determine what the quality criteria will be for the trainers it chooses to present to its members.
  • Create effective evaluations to improve the quality of trainings and survey members to assess what the training needs and interests are in each region.
(5) CHAPTER POLICY/EDUCATION DIRECTOR Chapter Policy/Education Director will be responsible for collaborating with the National Policy Education Director to:
  • Map the policy landscape of the local region .
  • Create effective education programs for members either through inviting experts to speak to the membership, creating online resources, fact sheets, connecting members to resources created by existing organizations, etc.
  • Educate members about the major policy issues that are affecting Latinos in the local area (like Census, elections, etc.).
  • Educate members about national policies and, where appropriate, support issue campaigns affecting Latinos.
  • Inform the National Policy Education Director and National Board of local issues/activities that may be of interest to share with the national NLM network.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The Training Committee will work with and be a resource to the National Training Director. Activities will include: 
  • Working with the National NLM Board to create and implement a program to ensure that national and chapter leaders are trained to be trainers.
  • Identifying and recruiting appropriate trainers for training events organized by the National Board or regional chapters.
  • Helping connect experienced trainers with Regional NLM teams so that they can implement a local training program. 
  • Determining what the quality criteria/standards will be for a trainer who is asked to present and train our members.
  • Creating effective evaluations to improve the quality of trainings and surveying members to assess what their training needs are in each region.
  • Ensuring consistency in the quality and structure of national and regional NLM training events.
The National New Media Committee will work with the National New Media Director. Activities will include: 
  • Providing advice on how to maintain current NLM new media tools (through web site, Twitter, Facebook, list-servs, blogs and other tools) and how to delve into new tools.
  • Providing support to help regional NLM Communications Directors to develop creative methods for promoting NLM with the latest technology, to ensure that regional teams are properly represented online and to coordinate consistency in the National Board and regional teams' use of new media tools.
The National Communications Committee will work with the National Communications Director in: 
  • Creating a media plan for NLM, focused on traditional press strategies including earned and paid media.
  • Creating media advisories for any actions, issue-based advocacy work, trainings or networking events planned by the National Board.
  • Working with regional NLM Communications Directors to support the drafting of their regional media plan and to develop a process for reviewing and approving regional communications activities.
  • Developing relationships with traditional reporters and bloggers.
  • Developing NLM written materials and working with regional NLM Leadership Teams to review and approve their written materials.
  • Helping communicate and promote NLM initiatives to strategic audiences.
The National Education/Policy Committee will work with the National Education/Policy Director in: 
  • Identifying and disseminating the policy analysis that local chapters need in order to educate their membership on national policy issues affecting the Latino community.
  • Synthesizing information provided by existing national and regional Latino-serving organizations to help identify critical national initiatives NLM may want to engage in.
  • Developing a process for communicating national policy information for use by regional teams and individual NLM members.
The National Outreach & Development Committee will work with the National Outreach Director in:
  • Designing meaningful networking opportunities, professional development opportunities, and partnerships with strategic leaders and organizations.
  • Supporting Outreach Directors in each of the regional chapters in cultivating relationships with strategic regional allies.
  • Exploring potential partnerships with individual, corporate, and philanthropic donors to support national events and local chapter activities.
  • Working with the National NLM Board and regional chapter leaders to create and execute successful fundraising strategies.
The National Legal Committee will work with the National Legal Counsel to: 
  • Oversee national and local activities to ensure compliance with IRS nonprofit requirements.
  • Provide advice to the National Board and regional leadership teams regarding legal issues that may arise.
  • Share ideas on legal issues affecting Latinos that our NLM network may want to get involved with.

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